Working with Angela Taylor is like taking a deep breath of fresh air. Her soulful and balanced approached to creating a successful business is what drew me to want to work with her. She helped me to discover how to do business in a way that is right for me. After working with Angela I gained a deeper sense of self-confidence working with my clients, I also learned how to find a healthy work/life balance. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach.

Angela is an exceptional mentor, bringing a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to her sessions. She has a patient but firm approach that helps to always push you to the next level of productivity. She is very well-organized and will help you formulate actionable plans to help you achieve your goals and motivate you to always be your best! Whether you are just starting a new career or are a seasoned professional, I promise you will greatly benefit from Angela's expertise and guidance through a full spectrum of job and life skills.

Angela is fantastic! I have grown tremendously since being in her Coaching Program. What I really admire about Angela is though she wants to help you business wise, she is strategic about reaching the core of who you are as an individual, and using that to help strengthen your personal life first. I highly recommend her and I'm glad she is my Coach!

Angela is absolutely AMAZING as a mentor, and a coach. She is someone you can go to with pretty much any question and she has the perfect answer for it. She is always more than willing to help no matter what else she is doing or has on her plate. I have often told her nothing ever ruffles her feathers.... she stays cool, calm and collected no matter how many different things she is juggling at one time while still making time to listen to my questions and guide me through whatever the situation might be. She is super tech savvy and has helped me multiple times with my technology challenges as well. Can't say enough great things about Angela, she is awesome at what she does.

I have had the pleasure of working with Angela Kristen Taylor over the past year as my real estate coach.  I’ve always owned my own business and consider myself organized, motivated, focused and successful. So why choose a coach and why choose Angela?  The simple answer; success is relative. I want to double, then, double my business again. I realized to get there meant I needed to finely hone my skill set and implement the best practices of a professional advisor to learn how to effectively build my organization. After interviewing several coaches, Angela is the best fit for me.  She’s intuitive, insightful and has a strong understanding of this market space. Her delivery is calm yet direct with well thought out reason. She is resourceful and always gives me the highest level of honest feedback and direction. She is a trusted advisor who I recommend without hesitation.

Angela has an amazing ability to break down the role of each team member, pinpoint areas where inefficiencies exist and help those team members work to become more efficient and effective. For the real estate industry, she has a deep knowledge of every aspect of what we do, as she's been involved in real estate years longer than most agents in the industry. I'd highly recommend Angela and would definitely bring her in to assist my organization again!

Angela was my agent mentor at Keller Williams. She is charming, friendly and approachable. She is helpful and always available when there is a need. She has many useful and creative tips to get ahead in real estate business. Angela is very informed about current trends and will happily bring you up to date. I recommend her.

Angela Kristen is extremely knowledgeable and is an expert in her field. I learned so much from her from 1 year ago when I worked with her, that I still apply to my life and business today. Her knowledge and expertise helped me become a success in my line of business and help me throughout my struggles . I recommend her to anyone who is seeking a coach in business or even life.

I hired Angela to assist me in my transitioning from the hospital to Real Estate. She has helped me not only in ideas to get me going and keep me moving. She combines her knowledge as a previous real estate agent and her compassion for others to help agents to grow and flourish as agents. I would recommend her to all new or current agents that are not doing what they need to do as an agent.

Angela is a great coach. She listens to what your concerns are and helps you depending on your personality and focus. She not only helps me with my real estate goals but I am sure can help others in their area of interest as well.