Private Integrative Coaching

Life Coaching + Health & Wellness Coaching + Productivity Coaching.

Get Your Life & Business Where You Want Them!

Here’s What We’ll Cover

Private Integrative Coaching is unique to you. During our first session, we'll go through the areas YOU want to focus on and tailor your coaching program to meet your unique needs so we can set the goals you want to achieve and create the plan to get you there.

Life Coaching

Life coaching feels like a very broad topic and it is! I work with clients who are looking to stop letting life "just happen" and instead create and build a lifestyle that feels perfect for them. Often, this means dealing with past traumas, taking time to understand and heal, and identifying what areas of your life and what habits and traits need to change.

Romantic Relationships

Clients often come to me when they are having trouble in their marriage or are single and struggling with the dating scene or are wanting to get into a relationship but finding it difficult to move on from a previous one.

Other Relationships

If you've had trouble with family relationships like siblings, parents, or other family members that's causing you stress, we can talk about that. We can also discuss parenting difficulties and issues with personal friendships. 

Career Goals

For building your real estate business to reflect the exact amount of structure, consistency, freedom, and support you need, we can work together to create a plan that gets you there.

Life Goals

Rather than letting life just happen to you, we can work together to set a path that allows you to create the kind of life you truly want. This includes getting rid of habits and traits that don't serve you and instituting new ones.

Heal From Past Traumas

Old wounds can really hold us back... a painful childhood, toxic relationships, pregnancy loss... so many things that can cause us pain and often we try to hide that pain, bury it under the guise of "turning over a new leaf" or "moving on" without truly facing those emotions and moving through them so we can move past them. 


Health & Wellness Coaching

Living a positive lifestyle truly begins with a healthy diet and eating right can result in a reduction or elimination of medications for certain illnesses, weight loss, and positive behavioral changes. We also cover meditation, relaxation, and stress management.

Health & Wellness Coaching includes finding the right healthy diet and the right type of movement for your body so you can have the most energy in your day, sleep soundly all night, reduce stress, and improve your mood, focus, and concentration. Everyone is different and there is no one right diet that fits all. Did you know there are over 100 different dietary theories? I'll help you find the right one for your body's unique needs.

Business & Productivity Coaching

This type of coaching is specifically geared to you getting more leads, converting more leads, and making more sales in your business. This is about marketing and business strategy and networking and building a referral based business, and all the tech that can help you get there. 

Did you know that most people who own a business say that they know what to do to grow their business but they're just not doing those things? Accountability is a big part of coaching and having someone to bounce ideas off of, brainstorm new ones, and ask you all the right questions to get you to where you want to grow is invaluable to my clients.

What Type of Coaching Do You Need Most?

Maybe you're struggling in growing your business so you decide to look for a productivity coach but then they tell you to do the things you already know you need to do... you just can't quite figure out why you aren't motivated to do them and you're also having trouble sleeping at night... Maybe you need a life coach instead? Now that you're thinking about it... you have heard some mention of how food and motivation can be linked... Maybe a health coach? Integrative Coaching brings it all together. You don't have to choose which type of coach and hope that they can identify what's going on and how to help you. An Integrative Coach can identify the issues and see the links between them so you get the help you truly need and work together to build a plan that will allow you to achieve your dreams.


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