Heal Your Productivity™

Work less & earn more in 8 weeks... even if you're completely chaotic, disorganized, and suck at time management.

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Brand new for 2019, this course will enable you to clear "the clutter cycle" and give your life and business the boost you're looking for this year! Fill out your info below and I'll be sure to keep you updated with news about our course launch and February start date!

Why You Need To Heal Your Productivity

Check out this video podcast feature on Real Estate Uncensored to understand why I created this course and the impact that chaos has on your life and business.

Here’s What We’ll Cover

Each week, we'll alternate between the emotional/life side and the business side. This way, you'll be able to grow your business as you clear the blocks preventing your success. They go hand-in-hand and so will your training! Each module in your course will come complete with video training, PDF downloads, worksheets, and additional links/recommendations for further study. There will be live Q&A sessions weekly, a private facebook group just for course members, and you will receive lifetime access to this content so you can return again and again as needed and be able to take your time with the material.

Course Introduction

We begin with understanding "the clutter cycle", how it affects your life and business, and the process we need to work through in order to break it. 

Week 1: Conquering Overwhelm

Learn how to make self-care a priority, reduce stress, set boundaries, and create routines so you can create the balance required to eliminate chaos

Week 2: Your Ideal Client

Identify your ideal client, understand who they are, what their problems are- the things that keep them up at night, and how you can deliver their ultimate solution.

Week 3: Money Managed

Get your finances under control, eliminate unnecessary expenditures, design your ideal lifestyle, create a budget that makes sense, and build a plan to reduce debt.

Week 4: Your Unique Message

Craft the story that attracts your ideal client and shows them you are the expert they can trust to truly help them with their specific problem.

Week 5: The Purge

Remove all the unnecessary physical clutter in your life and home so you can become completely organized.

Week 6: Building Your Tribe

Learn how to best utilize virtual, social, and community avenues to create a following of ideal clients ready to work with you and refer you.

Week 7: Heal Your Past

Deep dive into healing past traumas, hurts, and pains, doing the internal work required to clear your past so you can confidently move forward without the need for chaos.

Week 8: Growth

Tie together everything you've learned and create your plan and routines for business and personal growth.

Finally Remove Your Blocks To Real Estate Success

Weekly Deliverable Content | Private Facebook Group | Live Weekly Q&A | Lifetime Access to Course


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