Scheduling Your Real Estate Life

time management Oct 14, 2018
If you're reading this you already know that the "Real Estate Life" is literally a 24/7 operation. Agents live, sleep, eat and breathe real estate. It's a great life though overall and being in real estate allows us flexibility, unlimited income potential, and numerous other rewards. The key is balance. Somehow managing to stay focused on, and not distracted by, the multitude of daily tasks on our plates. 
Part of the "Real Estate Life" is incorporating all of your personal tasks with your business ones. Sometimes that means working from home, doing laundry while you input a listing or design a flyer, picking the kids up from school on the way back from a listing appointment, etc. It's just all part of the day. The thing I've noticed with a lot of agents I've coached is that things get overlooked. How many of the following (business and personal) things have you done when the going got tough?
  • Neglected your personal marketing or farming
  • Stopped at a drive-through or ordered take-out instead of eating an actual meal
  • Let the inside of your car start to look like that closet you'd never let anyone see
  • Told your kids "just one more minute" for about an hour (or longer...)
  • Did not respond to email inquiries
  • Did not bother to call for feedback from the agent that just showed your listing
  • Called the agent for feedback 5 days later and they had no clue which house you were talking about
  • Answered your cellphone during dinner or an event
  • Misplaced a document because it didn't get filed properly to begin with and wasted an hour looking for it
  • Put things off that you KNOW are important like updating your website, social networking, keeping up with past clients, etc.
Now on top of those things ask yourself the following:
  • When was the last time my car was serviced/oil was changed/tires were rotated?
  • When was the last time I had a physical or went to the dentist for a cleaning?
  • Is my pet up to date on their vaccinations?
  • Do I know how I'm spending my money on my business?
  • When was the last time I disconnected from everything and spent a day or two completely detached from real estate and my cellphone/laptop?
  • When was the last time I took a real vacation?
  • Am I organized so that I know exactly where to find everything when I need it... including my tax returns from 4 years ago?
  • How much money am I wasting by NOT planning ahead?
This is just a sampling of things I've seen agents neglect but the thing is... it happens! So what to do about it? Most of the neglect can be avoided simply by scheduling things to repeat in your digital calendar. I use iCal with my Apple products but Google Calendar works well too for you PC people. The point is schedule something that needs to happen regularly and make it repeat so for your dentist appointment, call your dentist and set up recurring 6 month check-ups and then add to your calendar. Call your hair stylist and set up recurring 8 week appointments and then add to your calendar. Keep it moving… what else can you set to repeat? How about your planning? Do you plan to plan? If not, you should. Plan to plan each week for the week ahead and each month for a summary of the month ahead and then each year for a rundown of what you want your year to hold. The difference will astound you. The digital calendar is the one thing that changed me from being an always running late, always forgetting appointments person to an always on time, always confirming appointments in advance person. You can do it too!

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