A full one year program that addresses all five areas of Real Estate Life, conquers your chaos and fears, brings the fun back to your life, removes the stress, grows your relationships, creates healthy eating habits, and boosts your income while reducing your working hours. A year from now, What will you wish you had done today? Imagine today, you become a part of this program and all of the above happens for you over the next year… now imagine if you don’t and next year it looks the same as it does right now… Why waste another year? Make this one the year you create positive change!


Biweekly One-on-One Coaching Sessions (up to 90 minutes long)

Free Admission to ALL Classes offered during membership term

Free Unlimited Check-ins and Email Support Between Sessions

Free One Year Master Agent Life Online Subscription

Real Estate Marketing Plan Make-Over

Real Estate Business Plan Co-Creation Session

Customized Food & Exercise Plan

“A Day in the Life” Co-Created Life & Business Schedule





Informational Pamphlets

Additional Resources as Needed