New Year's Energy


Looking through FaceBook on New Year's day and I was seeing so much negativity… People shaming Mariah Carey for a poor performance, joking about being hungover after New Year’s Eve, joking about broken “resolutions”, memes about how terrible 2016 was.

How does it feel to read about those things or think about those things? Pay attention to the things you say and the things you hear and read. They affect your energy in huge ways and that affects how you think throughout the day, what your perspective is on different activities and events, and how you treat others.

YOU create your life, you alone, and what you subject yourself to is what you allow into your world and what you allow to shape your world.

Think on that for a minute…

Wouldn’t you rather be in a world that after seeing Mariah Carey’s performance, didn’t comment on any negativity they found in it but instead perhaps wondered what she was going through in the moments before and after and maybe even issued forth a prayer for her?

One where there was no heavy drinking on New Year’s Eve because there are better ways to celebrate than to drown yourself in alcohol?

One where breaking resolutions wasn’t even a thing because when we want to turn over a new leaf, we commit to it and we do it and it changes us for the better?

One where when we have a rough year, instead of making a meme about blowing it up and laughing about it, we look for the lessons in what we experienced, and we’re thankful, knowing that harder times will push us through into better ones, that they shape us and mold us into better people if we only take the time to reflect and learn from them?

I know how I want to invest my time and I know what energy I want to absorb into my life. I pay attention to it and I learn from it.

How about you?