I Was So Mad, I Colored!

You know those really pretty adult coloring books that have popped up everywhere? The ones filled with Mandalas and Geometric designs that are supposed to somehow relax us amidst our crazy stressed out lives?

So here was my first take on those things: "Adult coloring books? Seriously? Like I have time to color?! If I did have that kind of time, the last thing I'd spend it doing would be to sit there and color like a little kid. They are pretty though. I wonder if they work.”

Now of course, by now, I've seen them a million times and still hadn't purchased one until earlier this week when my husband was at Ollie's, some kind of discount store, exchanging a Drone thing my dad bought him for Christmas (it was missing parts). There I saw the adult coloring book yet again, only this time it was only $2.00. Now for $2.00 I figured, heck, let's give it a shot. I got it home and set it down on my desk in the hopes that maybe I'd add some color time to my self care commitments for 2017.

A couple of days later, my husband and I were a bit at odds with each other... you know those days when you just seem to have a snarky attitude and can't quite put your finger on it? Yeah well we were both being a little like that which never bodes well for a happy evening together. Let me tell you that typically when we have some sort of tiff, I tend to keep quiet. I don't like to argue. I think things through carefully so I don't say things I really don't mean or anything that won't help solve the disagreement. It's not easy, it's downright difficult and feels impossible at times. However, I do have a journal and it's my go to in those tough moments where I have a lot of yucky things boiling to the top that I really wanna say but know I shouldn't. Maaaan, that book has seen it all! It has always helped me process my feelings though and gotten me to the point where I feel better, given my husband time to cool off as well, and we can reconvene with an actual conversation that creates a positive result.

This particular evening, after our mutual snarkiness turned into a few harsh words from my husband (that were really uncalled for, definitely hurt my feelings, and really pissed me off), I headed to my home office where I keep my journal on the shelf. I happened to look down at my desk where my new adult coloring book lay waiting next to a bag full of beautiful colored pencils and a little sharpener. I sat down at my desk, opened the book, selected a pencil to start with, and began to color. Let me tell you... I never expected the result. The anger and frustration actually melted out of and away from me. I didn't need the words that I previously had to carefully form through my anger. I didn't need to process any of it. All I needed to do was color. About halfway through the picture, I realized I felt amazing. Completely calm and relaxed, whatever my husband had said was gone from my thoughts and I just wanted to curl up on the sofa with him and watch a movie until I felt sleepy enough to go to bed. He was sitting on the sofa already so I just sat down next to him and we did just that.

Evening saved.

By a coloring book.

Cray-cray, I know.

Have you tried an adult coloring book? What were your thoughts? If not, take a peek at the resources page here on the site and purchase your very own cause they're pretty awesome.

Oh and here's my picture. :-)